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Family Advisory Committee

Sunbeam Centre is made up of a large group of individuals working together to improve lives. Whether that is a staff member improving the life of the individuals supported by Sunbeam, or a client’s success fills their support worker with hope and pride, all of these interactions are beautiful and so integral to the work that is done here. As is the case with many beautiful things, they can eventually become routine, everyday expectations, and begin to go unnoticed.

A group is developing in the organization which is looking to ensure that the beautiful moments are seen and celebrated, and that support is provided where needed. The Family Advisory Committee is working to maintain a feeling of family within Sunbeam Centre’s many programs and services. From planning events like The Lighting of the Green (see attached photos from the 2nd Annual event), to orienting and supporting new families, to simply checking in with staff to say “How are you doing?” this developing committee is taking its name to heart.

Made up of family members of individuals who are or have been served by Sunbeam, this is a group whose lives have been positively impacted in immeasurable ways by the staff, volunteers, and leadership of Sunbeam. They are now working to give back to the organization’s staff, volunteers, and clients – ensuring that an atmosphere of inclusivity, shared joy, and support are what all people meet at Sunbeam Centre. From consulting on policy, to planning inclusive events, to lending a helping hand this group is helping move Sunbeam further into the realm of family than they have ever been before.


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