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Sunbeam has often stated that its volunteers, board members and staff are some of the best there is. This year, we are thrilled to know that the community as a whole has recognized the fantastic community contributions made by one of our long term board members – Cheryl Hugill.  Cheryl has been awarded the Women of Distinction Lifetime Achievement Award by the Cambridge YWCA, and we are so proud of her.

Cheryl was nominated by some of the women on her team at BDO in Cambridge, where she has acted as a role model and mentor to many in her career.  She is a huge proponent of treating your job as more than just a paycheck – she is intent on modeling and empowering her staff to use their breadth of skills to benefit the community, not just settling for using their good number sense or organizational skills to meet their basic job requirements. 

Cheryl was introduced to Sunbeam Centre when sitting on a community committee that was considering Sunbeam Centre as a grant recipient. In that role, Cheryl had the opportunity to take a facility tour and immediately fell in love with the work that Sunbeam was doing. She was later approached to join the board and Finance Committee, where she has served in various roles, including president. Cheryl notes that seeing first hand the work being done on the main campus is impressive enough, but being on the board gives a whole new perspective of the depth of the need which Sunbeam addresses. 

“Under Cheryl’s leadership, our agency saw an increased emphasis on service quality, organizational refinement and growth across all areas of the organization. As president, Cheryl demonstrated exceptional leadership, dedication and enthusiasm. Sunbeam is very fortunate to have Cheryl on the Board and those who have served alongside her have benefitted greatly from her mentorship.”

– Bob Butella, Executive Director, Sunbeam Centre

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We Welcome Three New Individuals to Sunbeam’s Family

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1 of the 15 Community Living homes that Sunbeam Centre operates has been renovated and is welcoming three new individuals to Sunbeam’s family. With this new renovation, Sunbeam has 92 currently living at the Community Living Homes. 

Cornridge Home, which is located in Waterloo, has been under renovation for four months and move in day began Monday, April 16th.  

Each of the three young adults moving in was able to choose their room.  

Dana Love, Community Living Supervisor of the Cornridge home, shared “One young man wanted the room with the little nook but he also wanted a double bed.  The room in question could only fit a single bed, but there was another that could fit a double.  The choice had to be made, and after some deliberation, he chose the room with the nook.  His collection of vacuum cleaners and musical instruments will be able to be stored on the new open shelving for his enjoyment.”   

Another individual moving into the new space is a young woman who is over 18 and faced the need to move out of her current home which only supports youth. The move from the youth home threatened to separate her from her younger sister, but Sunbeam has taken measures to ensure that the two sisters are able to stay together. They have both chosen their rooms in the Cornridge Home and are looking forward to moving in.  “Family is very important to us at Sunbeam, and because of that we worked hard to ensure these sisters could stay together” says Bob Butella, Sunbeam Centre’s Executive Director. 

Like we all do when we move into a new home, these young adults have had the opportunity to fill that space and make it their own.  The individuals moving in have been out shopping, where they picked out their own bedding, lamps and one comfy chair to go by the window in one of the rooms. 

We are sending out a Welcome to the new family members moving into Cornridge Home.

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